Daughter: But Mommy, My Brother Was Born in Your Belly

“The day that Gabriel was born and you told me about it was the best day of my life.” I dropped the laundry that I was folding and turned to Olivia as she said this recently, my heart in my stomach.

Just over a year has passed since we lost our son, Gabriel, through a miscarriage at 11 weeks, and I had thought that Olivia was more than well aware of what had happened (as well aware as a four-year-old can be).

But now this?

I took a deep breath and crouched down beside her to look her in the eye and embrace her .

“Olivia, sadly Gabriel was never born. He died while he was still in my belly.” Of all of the things that Olivia had said this past year that pulled at my heart when it came to the subject of her brother and my miscarriage, this was, by far the worst. Or so I thought. Until she uttered the most amazing reply to me.