“Today in Church, Father Rogers talked to us about the song, ‘They will know we are Christians by our love’,” Olivia recently shared within moments of being picked up from school.  Considering all of the happenings that I typically hear about in the first few moments after school–a recap of lunch, what she did in gym class, what today’s snack was, I knew that Father Rogers’ homily must have really impacted her.

“They will know we are Christians by our love….”  As Olivia began to sing the song, still perched in her car seat as we traveled home, I realized just how deeply Father Rogers’s homily had hit.  “You know that’s what makes us really special, don’t you, Mom? That as Christians we love other people, no matter what.”  Few things make me happier than Olivia “getting” what Christ modeled for us, God commanded us, and how Ryan and I hope to have her live her life–by loving others. As I choked back a tear, (as usual, I blame it on my pregnancy hormones ), I furthered her conversation.

“You are so right, Olivia.  And it’s that love that Jesus showed us that we give to others, even if they’ve hurt us or someone we love, even if they’ve made a bad choice.”

“Like what happened to you, Mommy,” she replied.

“What do you mean?”

“The abortion.  People tried to kill you, but you still love them.”

<Insert a floodgate of tears being held back here.  Kids say the most profound things, don’t they, and at least for our family, in the car!

“Exactly, Olivia.  Even though people tried to hurt me, I love them.  God loves those that hurt us as much as He loves us.  All of us our sinners, all of us make mistakes.”

They will know we are Christians by our love. That’s what I strive for everyday.  Yes, somedays, some people, some circumstances are hard to love in and through.  But it is a command to love and doing so not only brings you closer to those you love, but to God, Himself.  Will they know you are a Christian by your love? If this is a struggle for you, I hope that today is the day that you can make this happen.