How Does Someone Survive an Abortion? I Did and Here’s How It Happens

I share all of this to answer many of the common questions that I know exist about survivors, but also because I hope that you use this information to educate others. Far too often, I have heard the complaint that not enough survivors speak out and share their stories, and I’ve experienced pro-lifers not understanding the circumstances and experiences that lead survivors to not share or get involved in the fight for life in the manner that I have.

In fact, I once had a pro-life radio personality call survivors ‘flakes’ for not sharing their stories. Please, before you judge a survivor for not speaking up or out, remember this article and the inherent struggles that we face. It’s not often that a survivor won’t share of their survival openly, but more likely, that they can’t, due to physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or even social struggles. Some days, it is still hard for even me.

If you are a survivor or know a survivor and would like to be in contact with the Abortion Survivors Network, please visit: