A Tale of Two Pregnancies

Every pregnancy is different. At close to three months pregnant currently, I’ve been reflecting upon this quite often. Whereas my first pregnancy with Olivia was uncomplicated, my second pregnancy with our son, Gabriel, resulted in a miscarriage late in the first trimester. While my pregnancy with Gabriel resulted in a miscarriage, this third pregnancy has been void of complications thus far.

Yes, every pregnancy is different. While my pregnancy with Olivia left me reflecting on the miracle of life that I was experiencing and the pain that it caused me to realize that my own biological mother had experienced these same changes and developments and was still led to abort me, my experiences in the last five years of Olivia’s life now leave me to be reflecting upon something very different during this pregnancy—not how my birthmother could still abort me after experiencing all that she did during her pregnancy, but how terrible it must have been for her to experience all that she did in her pregnancy and then be forced against her will to abort me.

Many of you who follow my ministry have heard me mention this some in the past six months, and for those who are new to my story and life’s work, or for those