1. Lois McGlothlin
    May 18, 2011 @ 11:14 am

    I have not had an abortion but as a mental health provider, have worked with many women who have had them. I see what their ‘choice’ has done to them mentally and emotionally. I have just listened to the Focus On The Family broadcast and immediately began researching you. I am so taken with your courage and stand and want to give you my blessing. May we live to see the day that abortions are stopped in this country and all over the world! God bless you in your work!


  2. Amber N. Shaw
    May 18, 2011 @ 6:39 pm

    I listened to your radio interview on Family Life today and I am touched by your willingness to speak up for the preciousness of life. I pray that your biological mother takes her opportunity to look you in the eyes, what a gift and miracle for healing and forgivness. I encourage mothers everywhere to know that no matter the circumstances, your baby belongs to you and God, protect that gift with all your strength and be in the moment that child is placed in your arms you will be blessed beyond your ability to understand right now. Being a mother is the greatest gift, a gift that many in society will try and steal from you. Don’t let anyone steat that gift from you.


  3. Patti Mackenzie
    May 20, 2011 @ 10:31 pm

    I have to share with you and other ‘survivors’ of forced saline induced abortions (mothers & survivors), survivors of cerebral palsy, survivors of Shaken Baby Syndrome and other maladies that there is a pathological link that either the medical community & the judicial system within this Country refuses to recognize or simply refuses to recognize.

    My ongoing question over the years has been this, why…a Country that is suppose to hold a woman’s existence and reproductive system at the highest of all levels of this Country’s existence and very foundation upon which this Country’s founding principles are founded upon do we simply ignore woman’s reproductive illegal procedures.

    Is this simply because it’s all a ‘hit & miss’ situation when determining a woman’s medically predicted date of delivery of her ‘blessed’ child from God? No, after years of women’s voices being squashed/squelched about the oppression of men in this Country and keeping their experiences quiet, despite the fact that they were victims of a felony crime punishable by a prison sentence to the perpetrator, they can finally open up and speak their horrific experiences.

    I do not mean any disrespect to this great Nation but in my heart believe that the average American doesn’t understand what has been allowed to go on in this Country and for me to simply ignore it all would allow (and perhaps has??!! because of what I’ve learned from families from the M.E., Farah’s…Shaloubs..etc.)a secret ‘genocide’ (fetacide, legal only by Rowe V Wade) for continue. How does a ‘society’ put the genie ‘back in the bottle’ after the evil spirit escaped into our culture. When will it, in the general population’s eyes ‘it’ ever stop, or has it always been there?

    I’m perhaps shouldn’t be so concerned about where I have fit into the entire ‘abortion’, pro or anti, in life or what has been done to me but should perhaps as I’ve always tried to do to protect the survivors of what my parents did to me. The people’s whose lives that I’ve touched over the years but who I couldn’t open up to out of not only fear but out of verbal physical threats if I were to speak a word of what was done to me.

    Within weeks of my being force to endure a saline induced termination of my son of six months of age, the father of the child got into an auto accident which resulted in is being comatose. He regained consciousness. I married someone else only to get out from under my parent’s house which resulted in a divorce and my returning to college to obtain an education to support him.

    Long story which involves much more data and text that perhaps this website could provide w/in the comments area which involves the Thomas Monfils murder by my ex husband in 1992 by my ex husband, Marlyn W. Charles….’again, long story’.

    Need more data: You can contact me at Firefly_Survive@tds.net

    Patti S.J. Mackenzie


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