In a recent article with the Dallas News


Cecile Richards, the soon-to-be former President of Planned Parenthood, gave her top ten pieces of parenting advice. I honestly couldn’t bring myself to read it initially, because I was turned off by the very idea of her providing parenting advice, when she’s made her mission in recent years to ending the lives of millions of babies. My curiosity got the best of me, though, and I finally broke down and read the article.

Of course, unsurprisingly, I found it ironic that Ms. Richards would be providing any type of parenting advice, and although I certainly take issue with many of her statements, what I kept reading time and time again reflected that there is clearly a great disconnect that exists between her family and her work and mission in advocating for abortion on demand. Numerous times, I found myself thinking, “and this is where you would see the importance of embracing life and providing true resources and support to women in crisis pregnancies.” Yet, she didn’t. She hasn’t.

Take, for instance, these statements:

That very same worry that she admits to in the first paragraph is one that so many women in our world feel today when they find out that their pregnant. It’s a shame that she doesn’t see that when facing that fear, women need someone to come alongside them, talk about all of the options and resources available to them, help meet whatever needs that they have, and instill hope within them.

How about that second paragraph, though?!  She didn’t just state that she was unreliable with taking it, but she actually admitted that it wasn’t always reliable. If she’s experienced in her own life that birth control isn’t always effective, then I guess it makes sense that she pushes abortion is a secondary form of birth control.

Although I appreciate how much Ms. Richards loves her children, this is an interesting statement:

Parenting may not be for everyone, but it’s unacceptable to kill children just because a parent doesn’t want them or they’re unprepared to parent. It should be unacceptable in our society to end someone’s life because you’ve decided you don’t want them.

It’s such a shame that Cecile doesn’t put her skills to use to help other parents experience raising their children as “the absolute best thing” they’ve ever done.

As ironic and disconnected as I found so much of this article, there is one thing that I found Cecile and I have in common—resolve and tenacity.

And just as she indicates she will “fight till my last breath [sic], to protect everyone’s right to decide whether to have children, I will be fighting till my last breath to make sure that abortion becomes unthinkable in our society and our laws reflect that.