There is more to life–more hope, more love, more joy, more peace, more forgiveness, more purpose, than we can even comprehend.  This reality was made glaringly clear to me over this past year, as our family experienced a very blessed move, new employment for my husband, many exciting achievements for Olivia, and our pregnancy with our child due to be born this summer.  But even more so, this reality was made transparent to me through the reconciliation that I’ve experienced with members of my biological mother’s family and through it, I learned more about the story of my life.  Although I trusted in God that if it was His will for me to have more contact with them, it would happen in His time, truthfully, I had moved on from believing that it would ever happen.  But there is so much more to life…..

Many people know me for my work as a pro-life activist, speaker and blogger, and I thank you for following my work and your support and prayers as I put a face to abortion and educate the world about the ripple effect of abortion on all of us.  But there is so much more to my life than my pro-life work.  Without God Himself, I wouldn’t be here.  I am called as much to share the Gospel as I am to share the truth about abortion.

Last year, 2013, and even the election year of 2012, were both “big” years in terms of pro-life activism and successes.  Yes, I know many may not look upon the election results as a win, but in terms of getting the pro-life message out in ads like those from the Susan B. Anthony List, I say that it was a huge success and although it didn’t win the presidential election, it certainly did educate and motivate individuals to be involved in the cause of life.  Likewise, although 2013 saw horrific circumstances against the preborn, including the trial of Dr. Gosnell and undercover investigations by Live Action that showed that Gosnell is far from alone in his treatment of children who survive abortions, God redeemed those atrocities and again used them to educate and motivate people.  Additionally, 2013 saw a landmark number of abortion clinics closing, pro-life legislation sweeping the nation, and in terms of my ministry work, saw a huge number of abortion survivors reaching out for support.  As of today, The Abortion Survivors Network has heard from 170 survivors.  But I digress….

I have been blessed to be just a small part of the pro-life activism and successes of recent years, and I look forward to continuing to work with individuals and organizations in our efforts to end abortion and restore a culture of life.  But there is more…..I believe that there is much more for me to do in the world in addition to my pro-life activism.  As I shared at the beginning, I feel called to save and transform lives by sharing the truth about what God has done in my life, who Jesus is, how we are all called to be reconciled to Him and to one another, how love and forgiveness, as they have been modeled for us, are transformational.  God has continued to show over recent years that these messages are important, but also, that they are impactful.  Saving a life endangered by abortion is always a blessing, but so, too, is hearing from others how they are encouraged by my strength in being honest with the world about what was done to me, how they are motivated to forgive just as I have, how they want to fulfill God’s purpose in their life.

So, since there is more to life and more to my ministry, I am here to share that I intend to do more.  Although many of you may follow my blog or social media posts ( and for solely the pro-life message, I know that still many others follow me for my faith-based writings and insight.  Admittedly, most of my writing in 2012 and 2013 focused on pro-life issues, due to the happenings in our world in regards to the cause.  I have committed myself, however, no matter how intense the fight for life is in 2014 and years to come, to focus my writing on both pro-life issues and issues of faith and personal growth and transformation.  For me, of course, the two go hand in hand.  For others, I realize, they may not.  What I would simply ask is that you bear with me, still follow my work, and read those posts that most interest and guide you.

I am excited to be getting “back to my roots” and focusing on all of these issues that have had a dramatic impact on my life.  My spirit is already overflowing with posts and messages that I look forward to sharing with you all each week.  It is my sincerest prayer that by focusing on the big picture of my ministry (saving and transforming lives through Christ), it will have a dramatic impact on many of you, too.