The last month of my life and ministry have been a whirlwind.  I apologize for not posting for a long while here on my website (I do try to keep my Facebook fan page updated multiple times each week, so feel free to find me there for more frequent updates).  In addition to my regular ministry work, the month of August found me speaking at a committe for the Republican National Convention, and also filming a pro-life ad with the Susan B. Anthony List.

I know that in this election season, many are tiresome of the seemingly endless political scenes, posts, and ads, but I felt called to participate in this ad and to speak out about the reality of abortion in our world and President Obama’s voting record in regards to lives like mine.  There are an abundance of articles and interviews out right now in response to this ad and me, and yes, I know that they have not all been favorable.  I expected that, however, and I have the utmost faith that this ad and any criticism of it will always lead back to the truth and God’s glory.

People have asked if I expected the overwhelming response that the ad has generated, and truth be told, I did not.  Some folks who don’t agree with me on the issue of abortion have suggested that I did this because I wanted to be a celebrity.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  There are days that a part of me longs to live the life of a survivor in quiet, in a comfortable place.  I didn’t intend for such a huge response to the ad, but I am grateful for the opportunity that it has given me to dig down even deeper to recognize the depths of my strength, my commitment to saving and transforming lives, and putting my wishes for my life and ministry aside to make room for God’s much greater plan.

What does God’s much greater plan look like? I catch a glimpse of it every day as I read through emails or talk to individuals at events that I’m speaking at, such as  the recent Values Voter Summit.  I may have filmed this ad trusting in God calling me to stand up, speak out, and encourage everyone to take their vote seriously this November, but He intended it for more.

In the past few weeks, I’ve heard from another four survivors and have heard from more individuals and organizations who see the need for a healing ministry for abortion survivors and targets of abortion.  Although my heart aches each day when I hear the stories of others and their needs, I feel blessed beyone measure to get to know them and work to make their lives and our world, whole and healed.

It’s interesting….the title of the Susan B. Anthony List ad may, at first glance, be about how each of us will answer the opportunity to cast our votes in the upcoming election, but truthfully, it has come to mean so much more to me.  How will I answer when I am called to stand up for something that I believe in? How will I answer when it’s time for me to speak out? How will I answer when I am asked what I have done for the weakest among us? How will YOU answer?