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Thanks to the Family Research Council (FRC) and their current pro-life campaign, “I’m Pro-Life Because,” for encouraging individuals and families to share why they are pro-life.  As a pro-life family, Ryan, Olivia and I were proud to share our pro-life views and the foundations of why we are pro-life with the world.

Here is the information about the FRC campaign, and our submission to it.  I hope you take the time to visit the FRC blog site and see and hear more beautiful stories of why so many are pro-life.

As the FRC blog site reads:

We have been incredibly inspired by the outpouring of enthusiastic and creative submissions to our “I’m Pro-Life Because” campaign. There have been a number of truly remarkable and miraculous stories shared with us over the last few weeks.

We received one such story and image this past weekend. Sweet, energetic, bright three-year-old, Olivia Ohden, is holding a picture of her sonogram and is a vision of love and joy. The image is accompanied by the words “I’m Pro-life because my mom, Melissa Ohden, is an abortion survivor.”

In 1977 Olivia’s grandmother, Melissa Ohden’s mother, had a saline infusion abortion in a hospital in Iowa.  After her mother delivered the baby, Melissa was believed to be dead. But miraculously, a nurse saw signs of life and this little baby who should have died at six months of gestation survived and thrived…”

Please visit the FRC Blog website www.frc.blog for more information about how to share YOUR story and listen to an interview that I did with them regarding our submission.

If you have not yet submitted your story, please consider doing so.  By sharing our stories, we all make an impact!