What was once just a mere thought is now a reality! The documentary, A Voice for Life, will be premiering in just a few short weeks at the Heartbeat International Conference in Columbus, Ohio, on May 19th.

A Voice for Life is a pro-life film that is the result of God bringing three people together under His guidance to offer love, hope, healing and forgiveness for all those touched by abortion.  Without giving too much away, A Voice for Life shares my story as a survivor of a failed abortion attempt, my own healing journey and ministry, and the stories of countless other men and women who have been touched by abortion or been faced with a decision about abortion in their lives.  Professionals from pregnancy support centers, in addition to pro-life leaders and advocates including Father Frank Pavone, Kevin and Theresa Burke, Alveda King, Father Jonathon Morris, Dr. John Willke and Michael Clancy are also featured in the film.

Check out the powerful trailer by clicking the following link: A Voice for Life trailer

Please check out the film’s website:  http://www.avoiceforlife.com for more information on the documentary or how to order the film. 

Melissa will a guest on Focus on the Family’s daily radio program, which will be airing a two-part series on May 17th and 18th.  Melissa will also be a guest on a special webcast live from the Heartbeat International Conference on May 18th.