While my website is under construction, I wanted to make sure to have a list of resources available to anyone who is in need of resources and supports in the face of pregnancy, abortion, adoption, and adoption search and reunion.  These resources will be soon moved to a specific page on my website.  Until then, these supports and resources can be found in the post below:


No matter what you are facing, there is hope and there is help!

These sites/organizations can put you in touch with Pregnancy Resource Centers and local providers who can be of support and assistance to you and bring you the hope and help that you deserve.

If you are pregnant, please contact one of the following sites/organizations:


Even though my life was supposed to end by abortion, I have nothing but love for anyone who has made the decision to have an abortion.  Likewise, I have nothing but love for anyone who has coerced or simply failed to be a support to someone who was considering having an abortion. There is hope and there is healing for ALL who are impacted by abortion–women, men, family members, friends.

These sites/organizations can put you in touch with post-abortive healing resources and supports:


Adoption is a choice that EVERYONE can live with.  I believe that giving life is one of the most beautiful and important things a woman can do, and if need be, making an adoption plan for a child, is one of the most beautiful and selfless decisions that a woman can make.

The following sites/organizations can be of assistance to anyone considering making an adoption plan for a child or considering adoption.


I am often asked what tips or tools I have used or know about that can be of assistance to adoptees, adoptive parents and birth parents when we consider the adoption search and reunion process and healing for all who are impacted by adoption.

Here are a few resources that I hope you find helpful:


Sherrie Eldridge-Your Adoption Coach: http://www.sherrieeldridge.com/index.cfm
Great site with helpful tips, books and workbooks for adoptive parents and adoptees.


For Adoptees:

  • Twenty-Life Transforming Choices Every Adoptee Needs to Make. Sherrie Eldridge.
  • Questions Adoptees Are Asking.  Sherrie Eldridge.
  • Twice Born: Memoires of an Adopted Daughter. Betty Jean Lifton
  • Being Adopted: The Lifelong Search for Self.  Brodzinsky, Schechter,  & Henig
  • Journey of the Adopted Self.  Betty Jean Lifton

For Adoptive Parents:

  • Twenty Things Adoptive Parents Need to Succeed. Sherrie Eldridge.
  • Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wished Their Adoptive Parents Knew.  Sherrie Eldridge.
  • Forever Fingerprints.  Sherrie Eldridge.

For Birth Parents:

  • The Other Mother.  Carol Schaefer
  • Out of the Shadows: Birthfathers’ Stories. Mary Martin Mason
  • May the Circle Be Unbroken: An Intimate Journey into the Heart of Adoption.  Lynn C. Franklin

Search and Reunion, The Adoption Triad:

  • Lost and Found.  Betty Jean Lifton.
  • The Adoption Reunion Survival Guide. Julie Bailey & Lynn Giddens
  • Search: A Handbook for Adoptees and Birthparents.  Jayne Askin