It was announced to the public this week that I have became the patron of Real Choices Australia. I am excited about the opportunity I have to not only work with them but to work with individuals and organizations across Australia to provide real choices and support to women and men that are life-affirming and save more lives like mine. Once again, God had much greater plans for me than I could have ever imagined!

Real Choices’ Website introduction includes the following message from me:

We are thrilled to announce Melissa Ohden as our new Patron.

Melissa says…

The research is clear: when it comes to abortion, most women really don’t have much of a choice.

For the thousands upon thousands of women each year who find themselves driven to abortion due to a lack of social, emotional, or financial supports, where is THEIR choice?

For the thousands upon thousands of women each year who are coerced into having an abortion, where is THEIR choice?

As a woman who was aborted by my biological mother at approximately six months gestation (but who miraculously survived), where was MY choice?

It’s time we work together to provide REAL choices to pregnant and parenting men and women in need, that affirm the lives of unborn children like me and that provide both short-term and long-term solutions toward the well-being of men and women like my biological parents.

Whether it be through providing evidence-based services and supports through medically-enhanced Pregnancy Support Centres, providing information about the long-term physical, emotional, mental and spiritual consequences of abortion, providing information about and making referrals for adoption planning, or facilitating post-abortion healing, it is time we embrace ALL who are impacted by abortion.

Real Choices Australia truly understands the complex issues surrounding abortion. They understand the need to move beyond the rhetoric to a world that embraces REAL SOLUTIONS and REAL CHOICES.  Real Choices Australia is a life-affirming organization which seeks to improve the lives of children like me who face being aborted and women, men, families and communities who are all impacted by abortion.

I am proud to work with Real Choices Australia, and I hope that you consider partnering with us to move past the rhetoric and be REAL – Really honest, Really committed, and Really compassionate about abortion.

Exciting news, indeed.  The Lord has continued to bless me with opportunities like this to make a positive impact on others lives around the world, and I am forever grateful.  I look forward to keeping everyone updated with the accomplishments Real Choices Australia makes in collaboration with me, and that, likewise, we make in collaboration with all of the pro-life individuals and organizations across Australia.