Happy New Year to everyone! I hope that 2010 was one of blessing to each of you, and if you faced hardships or losses, that you find 2011 to be a year of hope and greater blessings.

As we move forward another year, I thought it fitting to look back on this past year of my ministry and determine how many lives have been positively impacted and how many children’s lives have hopefully been saved.

The Lord has continued to bless my family and my ministry, and 2010 was certainly a year of greatness for us. There are many highlights to share, but here are our favorites for the year of 2010 for our ministry and our family:

–Our beautiful Olivia turned two this year and has grown into an amazing little girl. (Sometimes I wonder who her parents are—really, she’s that sweet, loving, and smart). 🙂

–Ryan, Olivia and I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Australia and share our message of hope and healing with so many great people there. We have made friendships that will last a lifetime, and our visit appears to have had a positive impact on many, including on the recent elections.

–Due to the needs of this ministry, I finally quit my full-time employment as a social worker to commit my time and talents to pro-life work. What a great blessing! I continue to see individuals and families for Christian counseling, but the bulk of my time is spent saving the lives of my unborn brothers and sisters and supporting hope and healing for all who are impacted by abortion.

–Our message reached more people this year than ever before. Here are some of the statistics:

-I spoke over 62 different times at events across the U.S., Canada and Australia

-Over 8900 people were present at these various events

-I completed over 25 radio and newspaper interviews across the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

My highlights in these interviews include my interviews with American Family Radio, Facing Life Head-On, and The 700 Club.

Although I know the Lord will continue to bless us, each year, I always wonder, “Is it possible it can get better than this?” Yes, it can, and it will.

Here are a few things we are looking forward to in 2011:

-Two pro-life commercials that I filmed with Emily’s Voice in Queensland, Australia, will be airing in 2011, the first is set to air around January.

-The documentary, ‘A Voice for Life’ will be available in the early spring. This documentary focuses on how my life and ministry have unfolded as I’ve accepted God’s purpose in my life. It will include appearances by a number of leaders within the pro-life movement and within Pregnancy Resource Centers.

-I will be heading back to Australia in May to speak at the Real Choices Australia conference, and exciting news about my work in Australia will be coming out in the upcoming weeks.

Again, many wishes to all of you for a blessed New Year! Thank you all for your support and prayers for me and my family, and thank you for all you do for the pre-born and their families.