We were blessed to have Brad Mattes and the team from Facing Life Head-On visit us in August, where they filmed two episodes for their amazing pro-life television show, which recently received an Emmy award in recognition of their outstanding work.

The two episodes, entitled ‘Marked for Death’ aired at the end of August and beginning of September, and we couldn’t be more proud to have shared our story with the world about how I miraculously survived the late-term saline infusion abortion that my biological mother underwent, the journey of healing that I embarked on for myself and my biological family, the important role that adoption has played in our lives, and how I am now able to bring hope and healing to all who are affected by abortion.

If you haven’t checked out the episodes yet, I would encourage you to do so.  We will post the videos on our Media Page shortly, but until then, please visit:  http://www.facinglife.tv and pull down ‘Marked for Death’ episodes 1 and 2 from the viewer.

Certainly my life as an abortion survivor, one ‘marked for death,’ has at times been difficult, and the pain has run deeply.  However, I know that millions of people around the world are impacted by abortion each and every day.  Here are just a few of the comments that I have received from viewers who watched the show, and were deeply affected:

“That was an amazing story I too am a survivor of abortion and a christian for 4 years after finding my biological father 2 weeks after he died.  He never knew I existed and never had any children.”

“I am an abortion survivor at 6 months gestation.  My birth mother & father were married & she for some
reason got mad at my father & decided to destroy me.  As I understand it the doctor that performed the abortion  apparently received a conscience  at the last moment & managed to keep me alive.  Really only God could have done this.”

“This morning I saw the program…I just had to let you know the impact it has had on me.  I had 2 abortions over 20+ years ago and at the time I justified my decision because I was a single mom already…struggling to do the best I could for them.  It hurt me more than I could ever say to abort my children and all the years later I carry the pain and shame within me.  At times I have tried to believe that I had made the right decision or that I was “over it” but today after witnessing your story I know I will never be “over it”.  The loss of my children has been like the deaths of any loved one and while we may not get over it in time we can at least come to some sort of terms with their passing. But how do I come to terms with the knowledge I terminated their lives…? I know I need help in forgiving myself and pray to God for His forgiveness and help. Thank you and God bless you for your courage and strength to tell your story and standing up for all those affected by abortion. I haven’t been able to stop crying since viewing the program but I know this is good for me. “every unshed tear becomes like a stone around your neck” and I am drowning for the tears unshed over all the heartbreak of my decisions. “

Thank you to all who watched the episodes Marked for Death, and to all who sent me comments, please know that I was impacted by your stories and experiences.  I will pray for all of you were affected by our story, and I will pray for all who are affected by abortion in our world each and every day.