Tomorrow, August 24th, is 33 years to the day that the saline infusion for abortion that was intended to take my life was initiated by my biological mother. My “birth” day, literally, my survival day, is actually August 29th, the day that I was delivered in bed by a nurse and initially left for dead, but soon thereafter provided medical care that sustained my fragile life.  Although I struggled for many years with the fact that I was aborted and survived, I would not change a thing about who I am or the circumstances that led to my arrival into this world.

What I would change, however, is the amount of pain and suffering that my biological parents and their families, and all of the men, women, families and communities out there suffer everyday as the result of abortion.  No man or woman should feel like abortion is the only “choice” out there for them.  They need to be supported and loved, they need to know that there is financial, emotional, social, and spiritual help available, and that there is always another option than abortion.

With my birthday fast approaching, what better way is there to honor my unborn brothers and sisters, their parents, and my own biological and adoptive parents than by donating to Care Net.  If you have the means to donate, I sincerely appreciate you honoring me, my family, and the fellow unborn.  God Bless!

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