If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times, and I will likely say it thousands times more throughout my lifetime.  I NEVER cease to be amazed by the pain and suffering that men, women, family members, friends, and communities experience as a result of abortion.  Certainly, I can relate.  I can’t relate, however, to the terrible grief, the shame and guilt, that so many experience and feel as a result of the role that they played in aborting a life.  Each week, I receive a handful of emails and letters from people who have been impacted by abortion and feel compelled to share their story, their pain, with me.  I am saddened by the depths of their pain, but I am grateful that they share their stories with me.  Sometimes I am the only person that they have told about the abortion, many times they just feel the intense need to share their story with a child, just like their own, who miraculously survived, when theirs did not.  Whatever the circumstances, abortion HURTS EVERYONE.

With all of the fanfare surrounding Pam and Tim Tebow’s Superbowl ad tomorrow night, I felt it fitting to share the following letter with all of you.  Certainly, I feel that the Lord intended for me to receive this letter this week and share this unknown woman’s story with all of you.  She may be nameless, but I feel driven to give her a voice.  She needs to be heard.  Here is a letter (with any identifying information removed) I received this week from a woman here in the U.S.  Please pray for her, just as you would for my own biological mother and all of the men, women and other family members and friends whose lives have been impacted by abortion.

Hi Dear Melissa,

I read your article in our local paper-Wow—what a positive attitude-and of course I cried—Back in 1974, I was a single lady who had an abortion-the father didn’t know anything about it-I was a drunk-would have been my parents first grandchild and of course I was all alone-didn’t know what to do or who to talk too.  So, of course, I found a doctor in the cities-had money and no one to drive me to or from the clinic, so slept in their parking lot overnite-after the abortion, they asked if I had a ride home and of course, I said “yes” even though I didn’t-barely made it home after sitting in their cafeteria for most of the day reading.  Now it’s been 35 years and I’m still alone.  I promised God I’d never bring a child into this world, so I met another guy (another drunk like I) who didn’t want kids either-so I’m still married to a drunk and I don’t drink much, so we’re both unhappy and waiting to die.  No matter what I do is wrong, just like the rest of my life.

Thanks for listening and enjoy your little Olivia-aren’t kids great-bring joy and love into our lives.  Take care, love, peace.

To this dear woman who sent me this letter, please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.  The Lord has forgiven you if you’ve asked for forgiveness….I hope that one day you can forgive yourself.  You are loved, my dear sister in Christ.