With Independence Day fast approaching, I’ve been reflecting on the basic concepts of life and liberty a lot lately.  I want to first of all thank all of the men and women who have given of their time, their own freedoms, and even their lives to preserve the rights and freedoms of their fellow Americans.  Your sacrifices have been many and your commitment has been deep and true.  Thank you spefically to my father in law, Norm, uncle Fred, aunt Bev, cousins Jason and Bryce and our many friends who have been in the armed service.  Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do!

In observance of Independence Day, I, like many other fellow Americans, can’t help but reflect on these concepts of life and liberty.  And although I believe we owe a debt of gratitude to our service members for their commitment and dedication to fighting for and preserving our freedoms, I can’t help but focus on the reality that if it wasn’t for the basic right to LIFE, there would be no freedoms, there would be no armed forces, there would be no Independence Day.

But by the grace of God I was saved from the certain death of abortion.  Without God’s salvation, I would not be here to celebrate Independence Day.  Much like many veterans seem to honor and appreciate days like the 4th of July and the underlying principles that make it important, more than the general public, I, too, as the survivor of an unsuccessful saline infusion abortion have a different perspective on life, rights, and freedoms than many.  It is very easy, in my opinion, for others to say that it should be a woman’s choice whether to end the life of her unborn child, but if it would have been THEIR mother who had made the choice to end their life, then what would they think? Just as those who have never experienced having their freedoms restricted or oppressed can oftentimes take these freedoms for granted, those who have never experienced the reality of “choice” can take that for granted, also.

In observance of Independence Day, I want to honor the 3,400 unborn children whose lives are ended EACH and EVERY DAY in the U.S. alone.  By God’s love, I was saved from a similar fate.  I do not take this reality lightly; I believe that it is my life’s work to not only share the story of my survival and God’s strength with others, but to also pay respect to and advocate for  the tens of millions of children who have died from abortion.  This 4th of July, I encourage you to join me in honoring the servicemen and women who have so selflessly worked to protect our freedoms, and at the same time, honor the unborn children who will never have the right to life, of liberty or the pursuit of happiness.