Once again, I apologize that I am not posting very frequently. Unfortunately, it has been a couple of very long weeks at our house. Our darling Olivia first had a terrible allergic reaction to strawberries last week (we had been trying, by trial and error, to take foods away to determine what was bothering her) and now we’ve been with her at St. Luke’s hospital since Tuesday night. What we thought was a reaction from the strawberry allergy actually turned out to be MRSA (Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus)! Poor little thing….she had minor surgery to open the infection in her groin area, and now, two days later, she is showing some signs of improvement.   I have never been so scared and so worried in my life.

I have learned that MRSA is all too common these days, but most of all, through this experience, I have learned just how precious and fragile life is, and how easy it can be to take our loved ones for granted. I share this with all of you because, even though I have believed all this time that I have known this (each day is a gift), and that I’ve lived my life accordingly, having a critically ill child has given me an even sharper perspective on this. I have known all of these years that I am blessed to be alive, to have been able to go on from the abortion attempt and live a productive, healthy life, and most importantly, to be Olivia’s mother. However, seeing our poor daughter so sick, so helpless, and feeling so powerless over the situation, has helped me to recognize that I easily take things for granted each day, despite knowing each day is not a given, it’s a gift.

I prayed and prayed so much over these past few days for Olivia’s recovery, for a reprieve from the pain that she was experiencing, and I was humbled once again my God’s will and His power. I am so grateful that God has helped our Olivia in her recovery thus far, and I leave this experience with an even greater respect for God and for my family.   I can not imagine my life without my daughter, and I am committed to showing my gratitude for each and every moment that I have with her.