Although getting to sleep each night has become more and more difficult, what with the basketball of a stomach that I am sporting, the night sweats that I have, and the scorching heartburn, I thankfully get a lot of thinking done during all of that late night tossing and turning.

Between my daydreaming about what Olivia will look like, my worries about finding time to do it all once she comes, and trying to positively visualize an easy birth (hey, they say that that really works), it finally hit me—I am now further along in my pregnancy than my mother was with me! It’s like this invisible line that had been drawn in the sand years ago, I finally crossed. Not that it’s probably that big of a deal to anyone else but me, but it really carries a lot of meaning. Not only have I moved past what my mother experienced, but I feel so much better knowing that my daughter will be delivered long after when I arrived in this world, which I hope means that she will be much healthier than I was.

Ten weeks to go and counting!