January 18, 2007

I headed out today to Omaha for my flight tomorrow to D.C. On Sunday, I will be on the panel of speakers for FFL at the Students for Life conference. Even though it has only been five months since I was last there, I can’t help but be struck by how different I am, how much more grounded I am in my beliefs about life and motherhood.

The most interesting thing that happened today, of course, was connected to our dear unborn baby, Olivia. As I’ve shared before, she’s a real mover and shaker, but she appears to be even more active when I am reading/thinking/working on speeches, writings, and talking about pro-life activities. Maybe I am just imagining that she’s all the more active at those times, but tonight, as I was memorizing my speech (once again, thanks to those pregnancy hormones that zapped my memory), she didn’t stop moving for hours! I can’t help but think that we’ve got a future, very active, pro-lifer on our hands!