1. Carol Hill
    June 11, 2009 @ 10:11 am

    Hi Melissa, Carol here. You have given voice to my question of “double standards” when it comes to making a big deal of something on ONE side of the womb (like, say, that young woman in Florida killing her little child), but a cover up on the OTHER side of the womb (abortion)….and this earth-time that we have can only cover up for a short while.

    In reading your explanation above, your story gains deeper perspective in my mind, as I have been very vocal in telling others of what I know since meeting you. It does make perfect sense that a scared 19 yr old (your birth mom) would be terrified of her controlling father.


  2. Pamela
    April 7, 2010 @ 2:55 pm

    I came across your web site by reading a Christian news article.
    The story above touches me so very deeply.
    As a older teen and pregnant my boyfriend broke up with me. I did all I could to end my childs life. I didn’t want him. I would have never gone to the extremes this young lady went through but let me tell you it crossed my mind.
    But let me tell you, God gave me the most wonderful child. He has something in him that is just spiritual.
    He is part of a teen group who teaches about God, who puts bible messages on youtube. He started off his christianity as some one who would take his bible to the park and preach. Look at what GOD gave me as well as the world!
    God has a purpose for each and every child that is conceived. He will be a preacher some day and this was definately Gods will.


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