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  1. Rosalio
    September 12, 2009 @ 5:47 pm

    Senora Melissa:)….
    I thank my Father for the purpose in your life….As you know, His word tells us that we are a royal priesthood, that we were chosen before the foundation of the earth…for His purpose,His plan, and His promise…
    As you mentioned that “By God’s love, you were saved from a similar fate”…then the flip side of that is “By God’s love, others were allowed to die and be in heaven with Him”….Scripture is silent in some areas, and very clear in all the essentials that govern our everyday lives…and in especially in the area of “protecting the innocent,orphans,widows,elderly,etc….
    This world has a saying..”God will sort them out, when it comes to who we are try and save”….although they are crude in their thought process…
    Since scripture is very clear in protecting innocent life, as believers, we are “required” to give our best effort to protect the unborn and also “mercy killing” on the old and crippled and the ones who have a “limited quality of life”…..
    I thought life is a gift?….
    Anyway thank you for the fight in your belly, and the gratitude in your heart….we have the mandate and opportunity to raise our voice as long as there is breath in our lungs….

    May Father continue to hold you in the “hollow of His hand”….



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